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Calgary dentist, Dr. Kent Stringham, welcomes you to Riverbend Dental Health and our Calgary dental office website We are a practice of general dentistry. Our renovated dental office in the SE is located in the Riverbend Shopping Centre near Glenmore Trail and Deerfoot Trail (Right next to the McDonald’s). It is important to note that we are a short drive from the SW and serve both the SE and SW. If you are new to this part of Alberta or have recently moved into the SE or the SW of Calgary, this is your chance! We are accepting new patients and they have just finished the Glenmore Trail four lane extension right to the 18th Street SE turnoff. What does that mean for you? We are located a 2 minute drive from the most important crossroads in all of Calgary. We are a 2 minute, no traffic, drive from IKEA. Not just that, we have free parking right outside the front door with no parking meters so parking is FREE. We are one of the dentists in Calgary that is easy to find and convenient. Give us a try, we think you will enjoy the convenience. Please consider us as your Calgary dentist SE or your Calgary dentist SW.

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403 236 7616
403 236 7616
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We would love to let you know about all the advances, training and new procedures in dentistry however our association rules will not allow us to communicate any techniques, new technology or equipment to you, the patient and consumer.  So let’s talk about the people working at Riverbend Dental Health. Our mission is to help people take good care of their teeth. We want you to enjoy the benefits of dentistry and great oral health. This really means that we don’t want you to have any bad health surprises in the future. Our team holds this vision of complete dental care for Calgary, Alberta, Canada where we can easily serve the residents of the SE and the SW by being close to Glenmore and Deerfoot. Dr. Stringham has over 25 years of dental care experience and is passionate about the more technical aspects of dentistry. Come by and ask him about the latest dental news and he will be sure to show you what’s new! We work hard to help our patients and often discuss different oral health issues to direct patients to the top dental resources and information in Calgary. Along with standard dental health services such as general dentistry and great oral health, you can also depend on Dr. Stringham, a general dental practitioner in Calgary, to provide calm and attentive care. Whether you are looking for a family dentist or for a trusted source of rejuvenating dentistry, call us today for a great experience.

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Please continue to visit our website for dental resources in Calgary. A number of you are using these keywords to find more specialized information: pinhole gum recession surgery , children’s dentistry, caps and veneers, dental hygiene, dental x-ray, general dentistry, dentures, oral cancer screening, oral surgery, periodontics, preventative care, sealants, porcelain veneers and crowns, and the extraction of wisdom teeth in Calgary. We do not purport to specialize in any of these topics as per our dental association guidelines, but we would be happy to discuss them with you and help you make informed decisions with your hard earned money. Dr. Stringham holds a special focus on serving the communities in the SE and SW. Riverbend Dental Health and Dr. Kent Stringham, your dental office in Calgary. Your Calgary dentist.

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30 Riverglen Drive SE Calgary Alberta Canada T2C 4L5
Phone: (403) 236-7616

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Our Dental Office is located in the Riverbend Shopping Centre near Glenmore Trail and Deerfoot Trail (Right next to the McDonald’s)
We are a short drive from IKEA in Calgary.


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